Oolong tea leaves are withered, partially oxidized and dried. The cultivation and manufacturing of classic oolong tea is restriced to Southeastern China and Taiwan, and the intricacy of the cultivation process yeilds to a wide variety of flavors and aromas research has shown a link to reduced plaque in arteries, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, a boosted metabolism, and weight-loss.

Formosa Oolong

This tea boasts a lingering sweet flavor with smooth astringency and a leafy aftertaste. The peachy..

Quangzhou Milk Oolong

A most unique character best described as premium oolong with sweet milk & light orchid notes pe..

Sweet Watermelon Oolong

Notes of juicy, summer watermelon float above gentle layers of astringency and mild oolong characte..

Ti Kuan Yin

This meditative, rich, Chinese oolong tea will fill your palate with a delicate fruit flavor and a ..

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