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Balsamic Tomato

Dehydrated tomato, garlic, onion, green onion, salt, spices, demerara sugar, malto-dextrin, balsamic..

Brown Sugar Cubes

12oz European Style Brown Sugar Cubes..


Garlic Lover’s delight.  The dry roasted garlic blended with Natural Sea of Cortez Sea Salt is ..

Garlic Rosemary

Dehyrdated garlic, spices, and lemon oil*Packaged on equipment that makes products containing wheat,..

Greek Isle

Contains dehydrated garlic, onion, bell pepper, parsley, spices, sesame seeds and lemon oil.*Package..

Italian Pesto

Parmesan cheese (part skim milk, parsley, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), spices, dehydrated garlic..


A blend of 4 favorite Mexican chilies blended together.   All the good stuff in one place...


The smoked Mezquite flavor is an important element of SouthWest flavor and you will find an abundanc..


100% Natural Sea Salt from the Sea of Cortez. You will find that salt from San Felipe truly brings a..

Parmesan Garlic

Dehydrated garlic, red bell pepper, onion, parsley, salt, spices, maltodextrin, natural flavor, parm..


Restaurant style Black Peppercorns blended with Natural Sea Salt give you a wonderful Fresh Ground P..

T-Cap Pour Spout

Fits 375 mL bottles..


Baja California, Mexico and Southern Italy share a lot of the same environment and flavors. With TUS..

Weighted Pour Spout

Fits 375 mL bottles..

White Sugar Cubes

12oz European Style White Sugar Cubes..

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